Rise Bailey Rise News...

New Luna Rosa Remix out on Friday 9th June 

So happy to be part of the new Luna Rosa (@lunarosaband) remix EP...

Their Brutal Nature EP has been morphed and reimagined into 6 new pieces of work:

@off_peek - I In The Centre Of Pride
@vestianmusic - Brutal Nature
@risebaileyrise - MK Ultra
@djo.p.1 - Empty
@joshua1 - Drown In your Love
@pasque.music - Corrugated Steel

'The Remixes' will be released only on Bandcamp - 9th June, with all proceeds going to the Nordoff & Robbins music charity @nordoffrobbins


Out Now! Inside '22  

Really excited to share my latest track with you: 


Written and performed by Rise Bailey Rise 

Huge thanks to this crew of amazing humans... 

Beats by Andy Hunt 

Lead Guitar by Rory Price (aka The Guitar Ninja) 

Co-produced and mixed by Nathan Parker from Foible 

Mastered by Liam Hicks 

Artwork by IanK

Inside '22 - New Track out 29th April 

My new track Inside '22 is released on all major digital platforms on Friday 29th April.  Featuring beats by Andy Hunt, lead guitar by The Guitar Ninja, mixed and co-produced by Nathan Parker from Foible and Mastered by Liam Hicks.  Can't wait for you to hear it...